The Alice Project

Down The Rabbit Hole, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Too Tall, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Pool of Tears, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Who Are You?, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Too Big For Rabbit’s House, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Do You Play Croquet?, Gouache and Cut Paper.

Painting the Roses Red, Gouache and Cut Paper.


After observing groups of children tell their own version of stories based solely on images and the occasional prompt in picture books, I sought out to create an almost wordless version of a classic story. I choose Alice and Wonderland, for its strong visual content and popularity amongst children and adults. Using only visuals and a one sentence or less text prompt, children and families can tell their own unique version of Alice in Wonderland.

A love of textures and cutting paper, helped me create a unique collage style for this before. Since the story is one that highlights and challenges perception, the book opens vertically — these tall skinny pages are all Double Page spreads (DPS).

50 of these books where hand printed and bound.


Illustrator and Designer




Limited Edition Artist book